SAV Innovations

In order to maintain a high quality standard for the service we deliver to our clients, we prefer to keep our development teams smaller than three people.

What if I have specific insurance requirements?

How many developers can SAV Innovations provide me?

We usually provide 1099 Independent Contractors. However, W2 Temporary Employees may be available under special circumstances.

No problem. We understand that every project has different requirements. These details are outlined when the contract is created.

No. Using quality equipment and high-speed internet access, we can efficiently generate custom software solutions remotely.

What if my project requires SAV Innovations on site?

SAV Innovations maintains relevant coverage including General Liability and Professional Liability ‘Errors and Omissions’ insurance. Coverage details and certificates are available on request.

Does SAV Innovations provide hourly rates, fixed bids, or both?

No. We are fully equipped with the latest PC hardware and software. Exceptions include job-specific custom hardware and specialty software licenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does SAV Innovations provide 1099 Independent Contractors, W2 Temporary Employees, or both?

We usually work at hourly rates. However, fixed bids may be available on request.

Do I need to provide office space for SAV Innovations?

Do I need to provide equipment for SAV Innovations?