SAV Innovations

All SAV Innovations developers are trained in Test Driven Development, and use it in the projects they take on. This assures that all code we develop will have an associated automated test suite that tests normal operation as well as common error conditions. In addition, SAV Innovations can act outside the development process and provide an external perspective to uncover defects that developers miss.

SAV Innovations has over two decades of experience architecting complex software systems. We can help you by bringing this experience to bear on your application. From identifying major modules and interfaces, to making suggestions as to implementation choices, to reviewing existing designs, SAV Innovations can help you develop a solid, well constructed application that can be resilient over time.



SAV Innovations has many decades of professional software development experience. We can help you make your software development process more effective, enabling you to gain control over your product development - releasing software on time and within budget. We can help you with "Process in the large," that is, the means by which you translate customer requirements into valuable software products. We can also help you with "Process in the small," or the tools and procedures your developers use day to day to get their job done.

Project Management

Process Definition

Software Design

SAV Innovations can help you manage your projects by breaking the work down into discrete tasks, assigning these tasks to the available resources, and tracking how far these tasks are along to completion. We are committed to keeping you in the loop by providing regular progress reports, identifying issues, and finding mutually agreeable resolution to the issues.


SAV Innovations has extensive experience writing applications, using a variety of languages, frameworks, and deployment platforms (for details, see our development capabilities). We are committed to development techniques that yield software of the highest quality.

SAV Innovations can help you decide what your software is supposed to do, and to methodically break this definition down into features that customers will value. We can use whatever software design method you choose, or, if you choose, can suggest one. We do prefer a user centered design approach, where features are described by the point of view of the customer (using "stories" or "use cases"). This ensures that the development team will keep the customer perspective front and center during the development process.

Software Integration


Most businesses are run on more than one application. These applications seldom work with each other. At SAV Innovations, we can take data from one application and feed it to another, using any type of interface available (DB interfaces, APIs, Web Services, even CLIs). These integrations will be written with the same commitment to quality that go into all of our development, so you can be assured they will work well.